Who We Support


A portion of each kit supports the HPV Foundation http://www.hpvfoundation.com/

AN UNFORTUNATE SCENARIO – A woman contracts HPV the Human Papilloma Virus (80 % of women are carriers- yet it’s still unknown what causes the virus to change into cervical cancer).  The HPV infected cells then develop into cervical cancer.  The patient then undergoes a surgical procedure to remove the cancer.  Unfortunately that procedure does not remove all of it.  She would then receive localized chemo therapy to eradicate the remaining cancer cells.  However after a brief remission the cancer then returns.   Her next option before a radical hysterectomy would be radiation treatments over the uterine area.  Unfortunately the use of radiation over her this area of the body would destroy her ovum leaving her barren.  If she wishes to have children at a later date, the only option is to harvest and store her eggs.  Unfortunately this procedure is not covered by insurance and the cost is a minimum of $10,000. 

Currently the foundation is set up as a ’not for profit’ providing education on HPV and charitable support towards other organizations. However, with donations from every kit sold by Women IN Kontrol and funding from individual donors, we plan to change the HPV foundation into ‘for profit’. By changing its structure it would thereby become exempt from governmental gifting restrictions and being able to directly donate to those in need of the funds to harvest their eggs. 

In the meantime, we plan to develop the HPV foundation site as a ‘go to’ support site to answer any questions and help emotionally.  Please don’t hesitate to send your suggestions or comments.