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The Perfect Gift for All Your Single Girlfriends, the Tryst Kit Gives the Modern Woman All She Needs For a Safe and Exciting Overnight Encounter

 (Chicago)- Smart women know that they do not have to be in a relationship to have a fun evening out. Being single means never knowing when you are going to find Mr. Right or Mr. Right now, and the new “Tryst” kit ensures that women are always ready for such an encounter. Sleek, sexy, and discreet, the Tryst is a small pouch containing all the essentials that a woman could need when she finds herself unexpectedly sleeping out.   They can be purchased at

 Products included in the Tryst are: two non-latex Durex condoms, Astroglide Natural Lubricant, Advil, one Always feminine wipe, one L.A. Fresh deodorant wipe, one L.A Fresh Teeth Wipe, one Purell sanitizing wipe, Blistex lip balm, Chiclets peppermint gum, two Scunci hair elastics, two Conair bobby pins and two clear earring backs. The kit itself looks like a small accessory bag, ensuring that only the user knows what is inside, and is sized to fit in most clutch purses. The Tryst comes in a selection of six different fabrics (leopard, camouflage, brocade, leather, silk, and micro-suede). All 12 branded items inside are perfectly portioned for one time use, thus giving the woman the peace of mind she needs to focus on having an exciting evening out.

 “Our company motto is discreet + empowered = sexy,” says Christian Schneider, engineer of the Tryst. “It is important that women are prepared to make safe and healthy decisions about their sex life in a sophisticated manner.”  Tryst is so much more than an intimacy kit. It is a way for women to empower themselves.

 All products in the Tryst kit are either sourced or manufactured domestically, and the majority of Women IN Kontrol business partners are female owned and operated.  A portion of each Tryst pack purchased is donated to the HPV Foundation in continued support of safe and healthy sexual practices. Currently the product is available online at

About Women IN Kontrol
Women IN Kontrol launched in 2008.  Through extensive research, it is the first company to recognize the true needs that women have when having a spontaneous encounter. The goal of the company and its products is to empower women through the encouragement of safe sex practices. Women IN Kontrol makes every effort to connect with exclusively female owned businesses. For more information, please visit the or follow Women IN Kontrol on Facebook.