How We Got Here

‘Tryst’; a secret rendezvous (especially between lovers) 

The ‘Tryst’ by Women IN Kontrol (WinK) is a discrete, attractively packaged overnight kit that women use to empower themselves in spontaneous amorous encounter. Women want to look their best, be prepared, and practice safe sex. Discreet + Empowered = Sexy 

Currently, there is no product available that reduces what a woman needs for a spontaneous encounter into an assortment of 12 branded products (Conair bobby pins, Chiclets peppermint gum, Blistex lip balm, Purell sanitizing wipe, LA Fresh teeth wipe, LA Fresh deodorant wipe, Always feminine wipe, Advil pack, Astroglide natural lube, DUREX non latex condoms) , especially designed for ease of use, in one night only amounts. The articles are contained in thoughtfully designed zipper-style package that resembles a petite bag the size of a smart phone. The sleek small bag comes in a multitude of fabrics and masquerades as an accessory aimed at demonstrating that the carriers are making a lifestyle statement and are fashion conscious. 

Over 600 women were interviewed during the development phase. The appeal lies in its stylishness, just in time useful convenience, and the feeling of empowerment upon purchase. The ‘Tryst’ from Women IN Kontrol was created to enable women to be their best and take control of their lives.  As many elements as possible that make up the kit were either sourced from or manufactured by female owned companies here in the USA.